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No essence needs to be added! Just soak and flavour up to 2.25L. There is no truer flavour on the market. If you like Black Label scotch, you will love this!
These sacks allow you to absorb a smooth oak texture with a true Whiskey flavour.
This is the truest flavour you can get with any spirit. No need to add additional essence!
Each sack is housed in a straining bag and has gone through a concentrated pressure infused process to give maximum flavour. All you need to do is drop it in your spirit to soak. The straining bag stops the oak particles from spreading through your brew while allowing your spirit to absorb the full flavour.
Each Oak Sack flavours up to 1.125 litres of treated spirit at 40% Alc. Vol. and there are 2 sacks in each packet.

Oz Brew - Oak Sack Black John Whiskey

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