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The Pure Distilling System has been upgraded!

The whole system is still designed to save, time, money and parts, and fit in one box for easier storage .

So what comes with the new system?

Spirit Maker Condenser with high yield output tap
Plastic Hose Connectors (the brass connectors in the photo will be available as an upgrade kit)
4m of 12,5mm Clear Vinyl Tubing
Smart Filter with stainless internals, clever Stainless plug and filter cartridge
Premium Spirit Yeast, Crystal Clear, Spirit Enhancer & Distilling Conditioner, Bung, Airlock, 60cm Stirring Paddle and stick on thermometer
Distilling Thermometer with Alarm, Hydrometer and Alcometer
Six Pure Distilling Essences and a 4l Chunk Soaking Pail with 100g samples of Bourbon Barrel Chunks and Whisky Port Barrel Chunks.

The Smell Eliminator Kit is no longer included in the system, it is available for separate purchase.

You legally need a capacity of less than 5L in Australia if you don’t have a licence.  You must supply your own boiler. “Beer Me” 30L heated fermenter is ONLY for boiling water.  You must obtain a license before using this system for producing alcohol.

This new system completely eliminates all bottles, funnels, buckets, measuring jugs.  It is a truly well thought out system.

This system is the perfect kit to start distilling, we suggest you purchase a plastic fermenter and accessories for making your wash, we do not recommend using the boiler to ferment your wash as it will shorten the life of the boiler.

Pure Distilling All In One Spirit Maker System

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